Selah – Who we are

Selah is a dispersed group of people desiring to center on the contemplative way of Jesus. The Selah community is held together more by a common orientation of our hearts than a specific place to gather. Selah is not a church or an institution, and in fact, we have no central location. Although most of us currently reside in the Puget Sound region of Washington State, some of us have spread out to other cities across the US and are intentional about staying connected and fostering contemplative community wherever we find ourselves.

We offer an invitation and heart-felt commitment to the rhythms of pausing, listening, and responding to all that “IS” and the great “I AM”. We provide eventsresources, and a growing dispersed community that supports and encourages contemplative living in the way of Jesus.

Selah has connections to the larger contemporary movement leading people toward a deeper awareness and response to God’s presence and movement in our everyday lives. This movement has a long history of influence from Biblical writers, Christian mystics, desert fathers and mothers, modern contemplatives, and a deep connection to the life of Jesus. We are inspired by this movement going on all around us and we are moved to contribute our own living expression of contemplative life with Jesus. We share a particular connection with a contemplative community called SoulStream (Abbotsford, British Columbia).

Get to know some of the people involved in the Selah community.