Our Stories

We share many stories of transformation. Here are just a few of us sharing our experiences. There are many more and we encourage you to share your stories.

Sandy shares…

Actually, I first experienced God’s Presence “contemplatively,’ but I didn’t know it then.  I only knew, in a time of great sorrow in my adult life, an unfamiliar warmth, or comfort that drew me to seek the source, responding to some inner invitation, mystery, then to a church, and eventually, commitment to Jesus Christ.
Over time, my faith was informed, nourished, discipled by loving members of the body of Christ.  I learned about the bible, service, study, and church ways.  I was steeped in fellowship and prayer.  I grew up into my faith.
But then, in my sixties, I entered my Christian teens.  I realized I didn’t always agree with my church, that I didn’t fit in as well.  I wasn’t burnt out, but was more bored.  Bored with myself, who still felt like a teenager, seeking peer approval and popularity.
And then, through Selah, I learned to redream my first faith.  The one that perceived Presence, and welcomed mystery. I re-discovered the treasures of abiding, of following  the inner invitation, of hearing God’s heart next to my own.  And through this seeking of God’s Presence, I am being set free to be present to the heart-needs of others, free to be true to myself as Holy Spirit forms me.

Ginny shares…

I was trying to do so much, volunteering and serving wherever I saw a need. In 2010, I contracted the Swine flu and bronchitis and was laid up in bed for 2.5 months. then I took Selah’s “Living from the Heart” course. God was calling me to slow down and take more time with Him.

This course was life transforming to me, drawing me deeper in my personal relationship with Christ.  I now observe that I more fully serve Christ being led by the Holy Spirit and not so much from striving to please Him or trying to “fix” a situation or relationship. The relationships established through my Selah connections nourish my soul and challenge me to continually grow in my daily walk with Jesus filling me with great JOY!

Troy Shares…

All my life I struggled with the silence of God. So much of my pursuit of God felt like a chasing after the wind and I often felt alone in it. I remember hearing the tittle to Scheaffer’s book about God called “He is there and He is not silent”. but I remember thinking “if He is there, He is mostly silent”. It wasn’t until I turned 40 and started to connect with Selah that I started to listen to the silence. All my life I had associated silence with loneliness, but when I really began to listen to the silence I realized that I have never really felt alone. In fact I don’t think I know what alone feels like, even though I thought that’s what I was feeling. I had encountered an awareness of a presence that has always been there and a new kind of life began for me.

We encourage you to share you experiences of Selah.