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Celtic Wisdom To Guide Our Spiritual Journey

For centuries, even millennia, the wisdom of the Celtic people has shaped a life-giving approach to spiritual growth, both in its contemplative call to encounter God within ourselves as well as the call to loving action toward others as an act of care and justice.  Additionally, the Celtic Christian perspective invites us into a relationship with Nature that deeply informs the spiritual journey and calls us to responsible care of all Creation.  This 3-hour seminar explores themes of Celtic Spirituality — ancient and emergent — and applies those perspectives to a contemplative life that seeks to embrace the mystical union with God and an outward expression of care and compassion.  Dr. Kirk Webb will be teaching on Celtic Christian spirituality and facilitating discussion to encourage a deeper understanding of the relevance of Celtic themes to our contemplative commitments.  Dr. Webb is a psychologist, professor of psychology and spirituality, and the director of The Celtic Center in Seattle (www.thecelticcenter.org).


9:30 am - 12:30 pm, Saturday November 11, 2017
Shoreline WA (exact location provided with confirmation of registration)
Dr. Kirk Webb