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Undoing Advent: A (Family-Friendly!) Christmas Contemplation

In reality, the silent night we sing about probably wasn’t so silent.  Bethlehem was a small village, but it was also likely buzzing with extra people and animals as travelers arrived from all over to register as Caesar Augustus required.  If the inn was full, imagine what the streets were like!  And that is the scene where God was born, where a babe drew sustaining breath.

For many of us desiring today to engage the story of that ancient place and time, ‘contemplation’ may seem like a tall order.  But, in truth, an important route to contemplation-supported connection is the one right through our present, active, lived lives.  While life sometimes feels like moments that hurry along, those moments are held in concert and that music can still be taken in, listened to, played with, wondered about.  And Advent affords a wonderful opportunity to see, to consider, to wonder, and to do so in the way we tend to live….in the great mix of everything, all at the same time.  Holy, earthy.  Sacred, physical.  Elemental, creative.  In the moment, on the go.  These realities help us remember that an Old Story and our story really do meet.

If the junction of contemplation and hubbub is a familiar place for you, whether you live in the company of adults or children or both, please join us!  An Advent spiral.  The gradual illumination of a candle lighting meeting the quiet of the darkening time.  The noise and energy of people.  A simple meal.  Exact plans for the evening will flux a bit depending on who all comes but will blend time with story, time to explore, time to create, and time together.

Come!  Experience the Spirit of Advent together!

Please Note: 

  • Pre-registration is required; please include the number of people attending.
  • Hot drinks and a simple meal will be provided.
  • Significant elements of this event will be held outdoors regardless of weather so please dress appropriately.
4:30pm, Sunday, December 10, 2017
Richmond Beach WA
This is a free event but pre-registration is required and you may donate to Selah at the bottom of the page.
All are welcome....of every age!
Mindy Abenroth Danylak