SoulCare Groups

SoulCare groups are key to our dispersed community. They are intentional, local small-groups which offer a different, more-contemplative experience than many other kinds of small-groups. In these gatherings we encourage each other towards a deeper sense of pausing and listening before responding to our encounter of God and each other in our experience together. Many talk about these groups as a place of rest, acceptance, and encounter with God. Many in our community feel more connected to their Local SoulCare group than to the larger dispersed community because the people of their SoulCare group are the ones with whom they share life and contemplative experiences on a regular basis. Some SoulCare groups meet weekly, some every other week, and some monthly; whereas the larger dispersed community events happen less frequently, quarterly, or semi-annually.

We currently have a number of SoulCare groups meeting in the Puget Sound area — Edmonds/Woodway, Seattle, Gig Harbor, Shoreline, and Tacoma. For more information please email or click here for upcoming opportunities to learn more about SoulCare groups.