Nurturing Contemplative Life

We offer a variety of whole-person, embodied experiences and resources to support your desire to live a more contemplative way of life.

  • We offer introductory seminars, such as “Awakening to God” , and more involved courses, such as “Living from the Heart” , our foundational course that has shaped the heart and culture of our community.
  • We offer a variety of other seminars on specialty topics that will stimulate and inspire your contemplative awareness and experiences, topics such as “Listening Matters,” “Pausing Matters,” “Stories Imagined” , “Living into Paradox” , “Introduction to Enneagram” , and more.
  • We  engage with spiritual directors  to whom we can refer to companion you on your individual spiritual journey.
  • We have online resources that can help you experience some listening prayer practices.
  • We have groups named SoulCare groups that can become your local community for connection and support as you nurture contemplative rhythms in your life.
  • We  offer retreats such as “Silent Retreats” or “Savoring Retreats” in get-away settings to give you more extended time and space to encounter God’s presence.
  • We encourage experiences with contemplative creativity and movement
  • We anticipate an online community where you can share and learn from others expressing their contemplative experiences.

Browse our “community” , “events” , or “resource” pages to get more involved.