A Letter to those Celebrating Easter

Hello fellow life-travelers,

These beautiful days of sunshine and blooming trees (sorry to the allergy sufferers) are a reminder to us that LIFE is all around us, and in us.
Just a couple of weeks ago we had snow, and cold, cold weather. Even then, while it was dark and cold, the trees and plants were doing their interior work to be ready to respond to the sunshine.
There is so much more than what we can see!
Goodness is often quiet, while evil is loud and demanding.
Now is our time to remember – and celebrate –
The God of everything waited, and found a way to become like us – human – was born in an out of the way place, lived a relatively quiet life,  and with His words and actions upset the whole foundation of human life together. By being who He is.
And then, when everyone thought it was over, He came back and said – It’s only just begun!
Because evil doesn’t win, as loud as it is, LOVE wins, because that is who our God is!
For all that is hard in life, we also get to burst forth – like Jesus out of the tomb – like the trees that bloom- into who we are, our beauty. In small ways maybe for now, but also with the promise that this life is chapter one, and there are endless chapters of growing into our own beauty – to enjoy and offer to others- ahead of us.

-By Jeanette Scott submitted by Kathleen Heppell