Advent Day 6


By Zoanna Pearson
Selah Companion

I wonder what you thought when we changed Christmas into “The Holidays?”
When the star on the tree top became a decoration rather than The Star of Bethlehem?

When we sang Santa Claus Is Coming To Town instead of Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel?
When are we more concerned with wrapping gifts than lighting the Sabbath candle?

We create such turmoil in our souls juggling our schedules to fit in one more party, one more gift exchange, host one more dinner
Sweet Baby Jesus, you came to us helpless, humble, a newborn, a swaddled Messiah.

Holy Spirit, help us imagine this birth to —

feel the warmth of cattle breath,

hear the lullaby of bleating lambs, 

smell the earthiness of clean hay, 

taste the nourishment from a nursing Mother, see tears of joy in the eyes of a new father,

I am wondering if this Christmas might be different?
If there may be moments each day when we stop to truly imagine and enter into the birth of the Infant King

So our souls may be stilled 

and in awe, we remember.

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