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Climb Up to the Light

Today, Selah Companion Beth Griffith gifts us with one of her poems, “Climb Up to the Light” and illustrates it with her photography. Enjoy.

Advent Day 24

I understand the waiting of Advent, the wanting, the waning hope. Aching for justice, mercy, and love while experiencing division, judgment and hate. We pray, “Thy Kingdom come” like the Jews of Mary’s time prayed for the Messiah. We pray and we wait for the powerful and mighty to save us. Who would have thought that God would deliver the Messiah not from the mountaintop but from inside a human? That was unexpected… Read more of Sandy Shipman’s Reflection, Surprise Party for Advent Day 24.

Advent Day 23

Today Beth Griffith shares a reflection after a hike she took in Washington and found herself “drawn to the Presence of Mystery.” This is Advent Day 23.

Advent Day 18

Beth Griffith writes: I recently spent two nights alone on a solo backpacking trip.  I camped above 6,000 feet and was more than 10 miles from the trailhead. I was the only person out there for more than 24 hours.  I have often prided myself in my ability to sit in silence and solitude. … Advent Day 18

Advent Day 17

As a follow-up to her story on Day 12, Kathleen Heppell shares the Christmas Story from the Wise Men’s POV. This is Advent Day 17.