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Advent Day 10

For today’s sweet treat, enjoy a contemplative poem written by John Kiemele from The Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in North Andover, Massachusetts. Enjoy “Light Comes” on Advent Day 10.

I am Pilgrim After All

in this relocating season, with all parts swirling, i’m breathing deeply, embracing awareness into this sorting time this reminiscing time this packing time this cleaning time this tossing time… each […]


In the turning the churning of life today can I widen my schedule widen my eyes widen my heart and be present truly present Love longs to awaken stir inspire […]

I Am Breathing

Tuesday, September five, two thousand seventeen. One o’clock in the afternoon I am breathing. I typically do not pay such attention to my breathing like this on a Tuesday afternoon, […]

Summer’s Invitation

pause. pause on purpose. transformation needs all the time in the world as it depends upon the moments — slivers speckled between life’s rhythms that crave top billing and unquestioned […]


At our closing retreat for Living From The Heart I sit observing – an easy and eager posture for me Gathering cohort friends cultivating over nine months of interacting reflecting, […]

Pausing During Holy Week

To the Selah community, pause matters. Selah invites all people to pause and…”    During the events of Jesus’ final earthly week, I notice pause. Jesus hitting the pause button […]

God’s Initiating Love

God’s initiating love… hovering, desiring, creating, prompting, birthing, inspiring, catalyzing, stirring, sparking, naming, reaching, reclaiming, reconciling, starting, repeating, breathing, walking, holding calling, giving, dying, arising, flowing, frustrating, disorienting, penetrating, transforming, […]

Nurture My Heart Soft

Could it be that this winter’s recent string of frozen days is about to break?  Warming temps….sunny breaks….feels promising!  Although we cannot be certain exactly when the season’s grip will […]

Breathe In Breathe Out

I have always had a precarious relationship with breathing.  My very first breaths were problematic, or so I have been told.  My childhood and school years were punctuated by asthmatic […]

Autumn Gold

It was dazzling!  I looked out in the early morning sunrise hours and everything — literally everything — was awash in autumn gold.  I paused and simply soaked in this […]

Day by Day

It is my sincere pleasure to share with you some thoughts and ponderings from other Companions from our Selah community.  This month’s reflection comes from Mary Pandiani. As a dispersed […]