Entries by Mary Pandiani

New Year’s

Instead of making resolutions this New Year’s, Mary Pandiani shares setting a word of intention might be a way to listen to God.

Advent Day 25

Advent Day 25. Today is the first day of winter also known as the Winter Solstice. Mary Pandiani offers a third name for today, Blue Christmas, and shares how grieving during Advent has a special day of remembrance. Here is Mary’s reflection on grieving during Advent.

Fourth Week of Advent

Waiting for you today, Advent Day 22, as we light the fourth candle in the Advent wreath, Selah Center Executive Director Mary Pandiani reflects on the Emanuel Story.

Advent Day 7

Day 7 of Advent. Selah Center’s Executive Director, Mary Pandiani, gives an overview of the contemplative life and how Selah Center supports that lifestyle.

Advent Day 2

On this second day of Advent, Mary Pandiani offers a blessing in the chaos of the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas. Mary suggests a different way. A more contemplative way.


  I will wave palm branches today. Yes, I know they will be burned tomorrow; I know my praise will turn to betrayal. My hope will vanish into terror. I […]

I Call You Friend

Sirach is right.  Absolutely right.  A faithful friend is a “sturdy shelter.”  A faithful friend is a “life-saving remedy.”A faithful friend is “beyond price.”  And so, my friend, I say […]