Much more than information or even knowledge, wisdom is a way of living that involves every aspect of our being.  It is learning to access the well-being and wholeness that comes from living with the mind of Christ and participating in God’s transformational agenda of cosmic whole-making.

Ultimately, wisdom can only be acquired by living. This starts with living the wisdom that we already know at some deep level of our being. Living the wisdom we know deepens our knowing by moving knowledge from our head to our heart, then to our body, and then into the core of our lifestyle. Wisdom is a little theory and a lot of practice – but it’s the practice that is most crucial.

Walking the wisdom path we discover that personal well-being cannot be achieved apart from the well-being of the larger spheres in which we find our belonging – our families, our communities, our nations, our world and our universe. As we learn to see all of life through God’s eyes, slowly but surely our center of gravity shifts from our mind to our heart, and our consciousness and identity expand. Slowly but surely we move from duality to integrality as we increasingly relate to life not by differentiation and judgement but with heartful compassion for all that share earth as our home. Slowly but surely we are transformed and we become more whole.