Lent Day 30. A Conversation with My Lord.

We welcome Selah Companion Cindy Waple to the Here & Now writing team with her poem, “A Conversation with My Lord.” Welcome, Cindy. — D.B. Editor

Lent Day 28. The Singing of Angels.

To wrap up this fifth week of Advent, here are Howard Thurman’s thoughts on the singing of angels. It’s an excerpt from Selah Center’s book, “Reflections: A Journey through Lent into Easter.” Get your copy now. This is the 28th day of Lent. –D.B., Editor

Lent Day 27. Collects-style Prayers.

For Lent Day 27, Mary Pandiani shares some of the writings from a recent Gig Harbor Gathering Hub called Collects style poetry. Learn more about Gathering Hubs.

Lent Day 26. Why Do You Weep?

“Woman, why do you weep? Who are you looking for?” asks Jesus in John 20:11-15. Today Beth Griffith writes an imaginative response from Mary’s POV. This is the 27th day of Lent.

Lent Day 23. Pneuma.

Lent Day 23. As we remember Steve McPhail, Chris Ball shares one of his indescribable poems.

Lent Day 21. Truth.

Lent Day 21. Take an imaginary walk with Selah Companion Debbie Tripp, through her poem “Truth.” And we offer an Irish Blessing in honor of the day.–D.B. editor

Lent Day 19. Dusty Road.

“For Lent,” writes Mary Pandiani, “I’m on a journey to become more acquainted with Jesus. Someone I’ve grown up with all my life, yet I’m often blind to how Jesus shows up as a human with whom I can relate.” See how Mary recalls a memory to help her on her quest. Enjoy reading the blog for Lent Day 19.

Lent Day 18. It’s OK.

Lent Day 18. In her latest writing, Sandy Shipman shares how God is with her–with us–even when we are troubled and hurt. Thank you, Sandy, for these words of encouragement.–D.B.

Lent Day 15. With Interest.

Friday, Lent Day 15. Today pause and savor this poem by John Kiemele, entitled “With Interest.” John is on staff at the Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in North Andover, Massachusetts. Here & Now is broadcasting coast to coast with this post.

Lent Day 14. A Moment in Time.

Lent Day 14. Today, walk around Green Lake with Selah Companion Kathleen Heppell in “A Moment in Time.”

Lent Day 13. Greyness.

Today receive a gift of poetry from the Selah Community’s Christopher A. Ball, “Greyness” for day 13 of Lent.

Advent Day 16

Come, O Wisdom

By Evelyn Gerardo Challis

Selah Companion

Liturgy for Advent

Opening prayer: As we await with longing the celebration of Christ’s holy birth may we embrace the inner light we have been given through the abiding love of our God. May God’s Love kindle a luminosity that heals the darkness and doubt, fragility and sin of our world within, and the universal world of which we are a part.

Intercession: Carry us, O God, as Mary carried Life within her. Carry us as we yearn for the arrival of fresh perspective, that our life might be given to bringing about a peaceable kingdom of heaven on earth. May those whom we entrust with faith-filled leadership in our nation, and local governance, churches, synagogues, temples, and the sanctuary of our being have eyes that burn with love, hearts that open with compassion, and words that speak your wisdom and extinguish the fires of injustice, we pray.  

The Response: Come, O Wisdom from on high, and teach us in the ways to go.

The Intercession: Protect us, O God, as we journey individually and collectively, through worldwide sorrows, and an upsurge of violence in this nation that have taken lives and loved ones, homes, and hope. Continue to protect all those who speak and serve courageously to bring healing in known and unknown ways. In their care of us, especially the most vulnerable, hold them closely, dear God and give them sustained comfort and protection, we pray,

The Response: Come, O Wisdom from on high, and teach us in the ways to go.

The Intercession: As we celebrate this Advent season, may we be mindful of the everyday miracles that invite us to remember and surrender to the joy of being God’s beloved, we pray. 

The Response: Come, O Wisdom from on high, and teach us in the ways to go.

The Intercession: Knowing the joy of anticipation and yet profound loneliness, frustration or sadness that may be part of these holy days, may we release dread and reflect the peace of the Spirit that sustains us in times of isolation and separation. May we be turned to your luminous Love, O God, so that you are known in every place, in every welcoming face, in every human heart; seen in our struggles and in our longing; embraced in our suffering and in our rejoicing. We lift up to you at this time the names of those you know well, O God, as they, and we, seek your healing. We pray especially for (Name those for whom you wish to remember.)

The Response: Come, O Wisdom from on high, and teach us in the ways to go.

The Intercession: Home is where we all belong, O God, and loved ones among us have been welcomed to the home of eternal peace where suffering and pain have ceased and our breath of life is one with yours. We entrust to you those dearly loved who have died, especially (Name those whom you wish to remember who have died). 

The Response: Come, O Wisdom from on high, and teach us in the ways to go.

Closing Prayer:  Blessed God, Holy One, hear our prayers and the many more we carry within us. As we speak your name, bless our union with you that it might deepen and still us, so that finally, out of the silence, we might emerge proclaiming that you are in our midst, that you shine in our darkness, that you are at work in our world and that you move us through turbulence to a lasting peace. Luminous One, in Your Holy Name, we pray.  Amen