Selah is not a church or an institution, but rather a growing community of contemplative companions dispersed throughout the Puget Sound area and beyond. We are people with a variety of life backgrounds and spiritual experiences, all attracted to a way of living accentuated by pausing frequently, listening profoundly, and  responding freely to the presence and movement of God. We have embraced these simple words – pausing, listening, and responding – as the journey of the heart towards contemplative living in the way of Jesus. Rather than staying trapped in the often deafening, draining rush of daily life, we desire to experience the freeing, enriching rhythms of intentional contemplative living, and invite others to share these experiences with us. For many of us in today’s culture, slowing down and adopting contemplative rhythms is a challenge. We seek a community that nurtures and supports us in this desire and we encourage each other in it.

Whatever your spiritual path, there is always time to pause…to catch your breath…and to nurture your contemplative experience with Jesus, leading to inner freedom and loving expressions of service.

We invite you to learn more about our community by reading about the values we share, the environment we try to foster, and Selah companions and their commitments.