At our closing retreat for Living From The Heart

I sit observing – an easy and eager posture for me

Gathering cohort friends

cultivating over nine months of interacting

reflecting, holding, inspiring

challenging, reading, stretching

Beyond an expected familiarity

I witness connection — an ease of being together

stimulating conversations, exploring questions

extending receptivity, embracing hearts

offering trust, respecting stories

evaporating judgments

collaborating with life in unfolding moments

greeting the hummingbird, basking in nature

preparing meals, savoring nourishment

feeling seen, willing to be heard

recalling Merton — we do not find the meaning in life by ourselves alone, we find it with another

singing our prayers, praying our songs

sharing love through creative blessings

holding silence, passing peace

sitting at the feet of the One whose prayer echoes — may they be one as we are one

I wonder

I smile

I connect

Peace and love to you in this good day.


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