Cosmic Play

It is my deep pleasure to share with you some thoughts and ponderings from other Companions from our Selah community.  This month’s Selah Reflection is from Michael DeFronzo:

As a dispersed community of contemplative companions, we share a common set of values and commitments as we live into the way of Jesus through this common purpose:  To invite all people to pause and to nurture contemplative experiences with Jesus, leading to inner freedom and loving service.

I’m on my second listening of “Following The Mystics Through The Narrow Gate” by the Center for Action and Contemplation (Richard Rohr).  The featured speaker is James Finley, who was a monk under Thomas Merton and an accomplished author.  My soul has been stirred by what I am hearing and has fueled my desire for intimacy with our Creator.  I hope that some of my thoughts, as well as from Finely, will fan your flames of desire to be one with the One Who gives life with every breath.

Believe Knowledge Be

Faith Know Oneness

To paraphrase Finley, what in God that appears to us as play are echoes of God’s cosmic game and dance.  A flock of birds descending or children, when they are being children, are glimpses of this cosmic dance.  These moments are fleeting, yet awaken something deep inside, and we stumble upon the holy nature of life — where nothing is missing and where everything joins in with Oneness and all things are expressed as love.

I try to be attentive to God’s presence, but I find that being spiritually awakened is more God’s doing (much like transformation) than my own.  Fortunately, God is relentless in awakening me and you.  She never gives up.  A flock of birds descending, a child being a child and it begins again.

Yesterday my grandson, as he was leaving our house with his Mom, yelled out “I love you.”  For a fleeting moment everything was in its place.  The world was right.  Love had put everything in order.  To be loved, to be a beloved.  I think God so much wants us to know and to experience this.  God will not rest until we are equal in and with Him as love (St. John of the Cross).

But how easily I forget and fall back on my fears and concerns — oh look! A flock of birds…

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