Darkness in advent

Dear Companions and friends,

It happened yet again
really far too often for my liking
strong winds, over-saturating rains, fallen limbs, broken trunks
or perhaps something totally unrelated
but in a blink, never a warning
just one click and it’s dark
all light taken
uninvited stillness
instantly my world feels shuttered and vulnerable
my mind sputters
now what? why now? how long? what if this persists? prevails?
my heart shudders
gasping for light and promise and flow
anything but dark
moving cautiously
looking with memory and careful touch
I feel them, candle and match,
welcomed companions in this life-denying dark
I draw them close or better yet
let myself be drawn by them
and with an eager, single strike things shift
darkness shreds
light swallows lonely
my heart breathes deeply
and smiles
and hums
one small child in a land of a thousand
one small dream of a savior tonight
one small hand reaching out to the starlight
one small savior of life*


In Selah, we deliberately use the word “companion,” and in this Advent waiting I am reminded of the gift and penetrating grace companionship offers: One who stands with me, alongside; One who holds the candle, strikes the match, helps me remember hope and promise and flow and life.  There are lots of ways darkness invades and drains and denies and distances, but thanks be to Immanuel, reaching out and reaching with…and for all Immanuel’s light-bearing companions on this road that we share.


Selah Companions…you know who you are…thank you for brightening and lightening my world.


So be it.


Peace and love and light to you in this good day,



(*One Small Child, David Meece © Word/Warner/Chappell music)



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