Contemplative Backpacking Trip – September 16-19, 2022

Our Contemplative Backpacking trip(s) are not just any backpacking experience, they are intended to foster and grow our contemplative awareness through exposure to the elements, physical exertion and rest, attunement to nature, and divine presence. Group size will be a maximum of 6 participants to two guides with the potential this year to send 2 groups (12 participant spots available). We will be backpacking 5-8 miles per day with time for contemplation and conversation in both stillness and movement in each day. We are not yet fully decided or committed to location or price yet. We went to Ross lake last year and may do the same or try something different this year. The estimated cost will be about $350 with meals provided. Participants will be expected to provide their own transportation to the trailhead, backpacking/camping gear, and snack food. No prior experience in contemplation or backpacking is necessary, however preparing mentally and physically for the trip will be encouraged.

Event Details


Contemplative Backpacking – September 16-19, 2022