When we gather as a community we long to be fully present to our experiences of life with God and in God. In the spirit of this deeper longing, there are certain experiences we cherish and attempt to cultivate together.

  • Coming together in the unity of all God has made
  • Pausing frequently to stop and take notice
  • Savoring the moment with all of our senses
  • Listening into the silence that speaks
  • Seeing the beauty found in all things
  • Living into the mystery of life
  • Receiving the presence and movement of God
  • Embracing the paradoxes that disarm and transform us
  • Opening to transformation and inner-freedom
  • Responding to love, with love, in love

These experiences are reflected in the events we offer, as well as in the informal gatherings that have developed among our relationships formed from these events, and experiences with other people who also want to live more intentionally in contemplative ways.

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