Fullness of Time

Over the last few years, I’ve taken time to explore what a “word” might be for the year. It’s a way to explore the intention I’d like to have as I make my way through life for 2020. Rather than a New Year’s Resolution, I find listening for the invitation by God for the year proves to be more life-giving and honest. The process usually goes something like this: What seems to be resonating with my soul right now? What are ways I’ve seen God at work as the last year came to a close and a new year begins? What images/pictures come to mind and heart as I take time in quiet to be present to God? Sometimes it comes through scripture or a poem or a conversation. A pattern begins to emerge that brings some confirmation. It cannot be forced. If I’m honest, there are years where the word sticks, and other years where it was helpful but not necessarily profound. While there’s not a formula for the process, it does begin with the question: What is the longing that God is revealing to me for this year? As we say in Selah, if all we can bring is desire, that is enough. Perhaps your “word” begins with expressing the desire to have an intention given by God.


For me, this year, I’ve landed on a phrase “Fullness of Time” that has come alive to me in some significant ways. First hearing the phrase while listening to Pray-As-You-Go, I realized that Jesus was born in the Fullness of Time, a place of promise realized in Jesus the Christ’s birth. Since that first hearing, I’ve pondered the phrase, wondering what it means in my life at this time. I’ve heard other phrases with a new lens: becoming “fully” human; “time” involves Chronos (linear movement) and Kairos (an expansion of opportunity); connecting fullness and seeing brings to mind this quote from The Flowing Grace of Now by Macrina Wiederkehr, “To see requires learning to live awake.”


Fullness of Time, for me, means coming awake and brave enough to walk into new places that bring about hope and belonging. When I finally landed on the phrase, this verse came alive:

When you come to him (Jesus the Christ), that fullness comes together for you too. God’s power extends over everything. Entering into this fullness is not something you figure out or achieve…God brought you alive – right along with Christ!  Colossians 2:10-11

At this time, that’s all I know about the phrase as I move into 2020. I’m looking forward to the ways you too are coming alive and awake as we venture on this journey together.

Mary Pandiani, Executive Director

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