I Call You Friend

Sirach is right.  Absolutely right.  A faithful friend is a “sturdy shelter.”  A faithful friend is a “life-saving remedy.”A faithful friend is “beyond price.”  And so, my friend, I say to you today:
I call you friend.  For you are home to me.  Within the shelter of your good company, I safely lay my burdens down.

I call you friend.  For you are healing for me.  You listen to all I have to say and, in so doing, I am made more whole.

I call you friend.  For you are a priceless gift for me, one I do not earn.  But one I receive anew each day with wonder, joy and gratitude.

I call you friend.  For without you I would not be me.  With you, I am more of who I want to be.

I call you friend.  In part, we are alike, sharing deep values we seldom have to articulate.  In part, we are different.  Our differences mark our uniqueness, broaden our perspective, spur our growth, and, at times, hone our patience.

I call you friend.  For you encourage me not merely by your words, but by the example of your own strivings, questionings, and yearnings.

You are my cheerleader, rousing me to stay in the game of life.

You are my ground control, confirming where I am and where I am heading.
God enters our lives in countless creative ways.

One way for me, my friend, is you.

Sr. Melannie Svoboda

About Sister Melannie Svoboda, SND

Sister of Notre Dame, teacher, student, author, speaker, spiritual companion, retreat facilitator, listener, friend, poet, farm girl.