Inner Freedom

This month’s Reflection comes from our Selah Companion and Board Chair, Troy Fenlason, PsyD.  In reflecting on Selah’s purpose (Selah invites all people to pause and to nurture contemplative living with Jesus, leading to inner freedom and loving service), Troy writes:

I wonder if true freedom is found through an inner door, or if inner-freedom is itself an internal place.  I think ‘inner’ must be pointing us to a door rather than a place, because to limit freedom to a place that does not include the ‘outer’ world would not be freedom at all.  To me, ‘inner’ space can be isolating like a prison unless we are transformed by the door of inner-freedom, transformed into an opening awareness that does not separate inner and outer.  Thus, by stepping through this door, we enter into a new world where the walls between inner and outer are broken down and the space between me and you dissipates.

“No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, nor mind has conceived, but He hides his vastness in the deepest dimension of our inner being.”  Calvin Miller, Into the Depths of God

Thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts with us Troy.

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Grace and peace to you in this good day.


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