Pausing During Holy Week

To the Selah community, pause matters.

Selah invites all people to pause and…” 


During the events of Jesus’ final earthly week, I notice pause.

Jesus hitting the pause button on the indignant nitter-natter around Simon’s table in Bethany.

Jesus pausing in thanksgiving before handing the bread and cup to his followers.

The disciples — Peter most notably — pulling back their feet when Jesus kneels with basin and towel.

Jesus offering comfort and prayer for disoriented disciples.

Jesus pleading for pause in the Garden.

Jesus healing the high priest’s servant’s ear while being arrested.

Jesus remaining silent, giving no answer to his accusers.

Jesus pausing to speak to the women of Jerusalem before Golgotha.

Jesus caring for his mother and a stranger with his final breaths.

And of course, the time from Jesus’ burial until “the first day of the week…”

I suppose one might say that Christ’s Passion was the Pause that changed everything.


Built into every moment is the possibility of pause.

Pause creates space for awareness….for emphasis….for something else to emerge.

Pause invites reaction to settle into open-hearted response.

Pause is a spacious life-giving/life-altering shift in our human rhythms.


Hmmm….invitations to pause.  Do you hear yours?

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