Breaking bread

As a dispersed community named Selah, we intentionally use the word companion.  A companion is one with whom (“com”) I share or break bread (“pan”) with the implication being for the sake of relationship.  I really like that; I connect to that.  As the son of a baker, I find deep and extensive meaning in the association between bread and relationships.  I feel a deeper sense of meaning with breaking bread and relationships as a follower of Jesus, “who on the night he was betrayed, took bread….”  Hmmm…there is much to ponder: love, life, bread, other, welcome, provision, nourishment, sustenance, vocation…a Eucharistic life.

Recently I heard of situations and conversations that remind me how easy it is to jumble these words.  “Breaking bread for the sake of relationship” becomes the troubling “Breaking relationship for the sake of bread.”  A complete 180-degree difference in meaning to me.  How does that happen?  It’s shocking… exasperating… wounding…disheartening.  “Bread of Heaven have mercy…draw us back to Your table, Your hands, Your life, Your heart, Your love.”

I cherish the gift of companions.  I am deeply grateful for those God weaves into this whacky journey…for those who firmly and unconditionally take my hands…for those who remind me relationship matters.  In the end it likely is the only thing that does.

So be it.

Grace and love to you in this good day,


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