A companionship of interest

Dear Companions and friends,

I am reminded the companionship of Jesus springs, not from obligation or requirement, but from interest.

Jesus is interested in being with me.

That creates a wide pause for me.

Somehow that feels important for me to recognize and ponder.

Offering presence and interaction from obligation and requirement sheds duty-light on relationship.  It’s a turning toward because of must or have to.  Consequently, I feel my heart turning to take ten paces away from relationship.

Interest sheds new light.  Interest says I want to.  I choose.  Interest speaks of initiative, of response.  Interest accents authenticity.  A companionship of interest softens my edges and widens my heart.  I watch my guard drop a bit more.  I find my own heart’s curiosity warmly stirred.  I even feel a lightness in my step.

“Jesus, my ever-interested Companion, your love seeps gently.  Here is my heart and hand, let us walk together today…with interest.”

So be it.

Grace and love to you in this good day,


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