Reflections January 28, 2015

Dear Companions and friends,

If you have attended an event I facilitated, you likely have been invited to share one of my favorite closing blessings:

“Let’s stand together in a circle and join hands, left palm up and right palm down.”  The concentration and adjustment of the respective palms following these intentional instructions always makes my heart smile.  Why such specific instructions?  (OK Selah folks…do you recall??)  To me this is one simple way that we can express the intention of companionship, namely standing side-by-side offering support and encouragement to another (“left palm up”) while graciously receiving the support and encouragement of another (“right palm down”).  Because Selah is a dispersed community, I find it powerful to rehearse this posture whenever we can, together as friends – companions – mutually holding each other in hope-filled care and support and promise…like the anonymous friends recorded in Mark 2 who joined hands to prepare and carry their friend to Jesus only to be turned away at the crowded door.  Undeterred, they continued to the roof, tore away its materials and lowered their beloved friend hand-over-hand, holding him there before Jesus (how’s that for embodying intercessory prayer??)  Or how about the hands of our Great Companion that lifted the bread, gave thanks, broke it and gave it away…and likewise the cup…so that we might partake of divine Love and life, flowing across the ages from Friend to friend to friend…hmmm…giving and receiving with particularly positioned hands.  As a dispersed community of contemplative companions, we mindfully and care-fully hold you with great respect, love and support, and we gratefully receive your respect, love and support in return.  Remember that.  Savor that.

Left palm up.

Right palm down.

What a remarkable difference for this journey.

So be it.

Grace and love to you in this good day,


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