Reflections January 8, 2015

Dear Companions and friends,

The early days of 2015 found me lying low…quite low as I battled a nasty microscopic virus (i.e., flu).  Here I was flat on my back with diminished capacities to say the least, remembering never to underestimate the power of a virus.

Amazing the profound impact such a miniscule organism can have on a grown person and all the systems, rhythms, relationships and schedules that constitute life.   Hmmm….yet equally amazing to me is how little I attribute that same level of impact to an equivalent amount of grace and goodness.  If something harmful can create dis-ease as thoroughly as it does with its small measure, then why do I doubt grace and goodness (which I believe have far more eternal roots and prospects in Love)?  Might they actually carry at least an equal or an even greater punch?  Why do I think it requires loads and loads more grace and goodness to cause the same effect?  Wouldn’t even micro-doses of grace and goodness have at least the same potential to alter conditions, relationships, rhythms and schedules?  Hmmm…so why then do I question the vigor of grace and goodness…in any dose?  In this season of vigilant hand washing, cough covering, etc. may we be alert and care-filled to spread grace and goodness into any and every situation.  In other contexts, we know full well the language of “going viral.”  May this be said of our intentional responses of grace and goodness…in whatever measure we can muster.

So be it.

Be well.

Grace and love to you in this good day,


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