Smiling at llamas

Dear Companions and friends,

I had an appointment at a downtown office, parked the car and was crossing the street when something caught my attention:  a woman was leading a llama down the street.  This is not a regular occurrence where I live so of course I paused to look…ok…to stare. A llama…shimmering, well-groomed coat, shiny halter with ornamental lead, tall and stately with a rather regal gait as it clip-clopped along.  Strangely enough, it seemed like everything in this particular moment belonged…and there I stood, smiling at serendipity.  When I entered my intended appointment, I asked if they had noticed the lady leading the llama right outside their office window.  They had not noticed…and with the tilting folders and army of sticky notes and the humming machinery, I understood.  How easy to miss such scenes when regular life piles in around me.  How often I too miss these unsuspected slivers tucked into simple street crossings.  And yet, seeing that llama that day, I realized that every moment holds a potential surprise.  Every moment echoes from Love and begs my heart to wonder about something more…to move with attentive openness to unfolding life…to be alert to slivers of mystery that make me smile.

Hmmm…smiling at llamas…

So be it.

Grace and love to you in this good day,


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