Selah is a welcoming community that pauses
encounters the Spirit through
contemplative practices, and 
grows together towards wholeness
and loving others.

Selah is a Dispersed Community

Selah is a dispersed group of people desiring to center on the contemplative way of Jesus. The Selah community is held together more by a common orientation of our hearts than a specific place to gather. Selah is not a church or an institution, and in fact, we have no central location. Although most of us currently reside in the Puget Sound region of Washington State, some of us have spread out to other cities across the US and are intentional about staying connected and fostering contemplative community wherever we find ourselves.

We offer an invitation and heart-felt commitment to the rhythms of pausing, listening, and responding to all that “IS” and the great “I AM”. We provide eventsresources, and a growing dispersed community that supports and encourages contemplative living in the way of Jesus.

Selah has connections to the larger contemporary movement leading people toward a deeper awareness and response to God’s presence and movement in our everyday lives. This movement has a long history of influence from Biblical writers, Christian mystics, desert fathers and mothers, modern contemplatives, and a deep connection to the life of Jesus. We are inspired by this movement going on all around us and we are moved to contribute our own living expression of contemplative life with Jesus. We share a particular connection with a contemplative community called SoulStream (Abbotsford, British Columbia).

The Meaning of Selah

The word “Selah” is mysterious at best, found mainly in the Psalms of the Torah and a few other places in the Bible. Its use in the Psalms may indicate a musical interlude. It has been translated to mean “to pause” or “to stop and listen” or “to give attention to something heard.” For us “Selah” represents the space between words, the heart of silence, the space for contemplation.

It is a simple and sacred word that invites us to pause and ponder.


When we pause good things happen. When we pause divine things come to our attention. When we pause the Spirit of Life fills our awareness and being. Consider Selah events and resources to deepen your capacity to pause and ponder.

Nurturing Contemplative Life

We offer a variety of whole-person, embodied experiences and resources to support your desire to live a more contemplative way of life.

  • We offer introductory seminars, such as “Awakening to God” , and more involved courses, such as “Living from the Heart” , our foundational course that has shaped the heart and culture of our community.
  • We offer a variety of other seminars on specialty topics that will stimulate and inspire your contemplative awareness and experiences, topics such as “Listening Matters,” “Pausing Matters,” “Stories Imagined” , “Living into Paradox” , “Introduction to Enneagram” , and more.
  • We  engage with spiritual directors  to whom we can refer to companion you on your individual spiritual journey.
  • We have online resources that can help you experience some listening prayer practices.
  • We have groups named SoulCare groups that can become your local community for connection and support as you nurture contemplative rhythms in your life.
  • We  offer retreats such as “Silent Retreats” or “Savoring Retreats” in get-away settings to give you more extended time and space to encounter God’s presence.
  • We encourage experiences with contemplative creativity and movement
  • We anticipate an online community where you can share and learn from others expressing their contemplative experiences.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash