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Spiritual Direction

By Kathleen Heppell
a Selah Companion

Welcoming with invitation
To center with awareness,
To breath, body, and to

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Then to share the journey of
God working in my life.
Thoughtful, deep questions inviting.

Spiraling downwards,
Drawing me to His Center
To know Love unwavering, passionate,
Gentle and kind.
What is needed in this present moment, now

Then to dance in the arms of my Lord
So I may go out, in joy, to share
His amazing love and care.

About Spiritual Direction

Despite popular beliefs, the journey through life was not designed to be solo. You need not journey alone through all the ups and downs, the twists and turns, the bright patches and shadows. Spiritual Direction is the simple gift of a companion’s presence that offers you the gentle and tenacious encouragement to become more aware of God’s loving presence and co-discern God’s activity in every aspect of your life. The focus is on spending a designated amount of time with an intentional spiritual companion who will engage their training to prayerfully journey with you through having dialogue, listening together, asking questions, experiencing quiet moments, reflecting on life, and more… all in the way of Jesus.

If you would like to explore Spiritual Direction, contact Selah Center.
Debora Buerk, Editor

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An Invitation to Pause, Encounter & Grow Together.

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