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Day 19. Waiting Pangs.

John Kiemele reflects on his experience of waiting for God, expressing trust in God’s loving guidance and highlighting how past preparations shape current anticipations. He also welcomes God’s presence in his wait.

Day 18. Permission to Spread Joy.

Julie Lary reflects on her understanding of Advent, transitioning from viewing it as simply a countdown calendar to seeing it as a season granting permission to spread joy.

Day 17. Remember Me.

Wendy Bryant’s workshop piece, “Remember Me”, explores finding strength in brokenness, likening communal healing to a mosaic. It emphasizes finding peace and hope through God’s grace amid trauma.

Day 15. Shepherds.

“Shepherds” is the first part of a trilogy by Kathleen Heppell, telling an embellished tale of how lowly shepherds, on receiving the news of Jesus’s birth by an angel, visit the stable to worship. Remaining joyful despite skepticism, they spread this divine news.

Day 14. Peace.

Sherry Marsden’s poem contemplates finding peace through patience, strength, grace, and self-confidence.

Day 16. Rachel’s Story.

This is part three of a series written by Kathleen Heppell about the Christmas story, told this time from the perspective of the Inn Keeper’s wife, Rachel. The narrative includes Rachel’s experience with the birth of Christ, her personal journey of faith, and the suffering and joy she experiences.

Day 13. A Celtic Christmas.

“A Celtic Christmas” by Tom Cashman tells imagined stories from early Celtic Christian communities during the 5th-11th centuries. The book aims to reclaim and highlight the unique worldview and values of the Celtic Church.

Day 12. Hanukkah, The Festival of Lights.

The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah commemorates the Maccabean Revolt and the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. It is celebrated with family gatherings, gift-giving, and special foods. The main focus is the lighting of menorahs, reflecting the miracle of the oil lasting eight days.

Day 11. Simple Glad Tidings.

Lynne reflects on the simplicity of child-like faith, and how it influences her expression in her art. Not always polished or expected, but authentically unrefined, her paintings capture the purity of expression found in children. She compares her work to a child-like angel, simple yet filled with joy and wonder, embodying a message of joy, genuineness and delight.

Day 10. A Little Night Music.

Karen Nelson recounts her long service as a musician in both a Catholic and a Presbyterian church, leading worship each week and directing choirs. Despite the demanding work, the experiences were profoundly fulfilling for her. Ten years ago, following a Christmas Eve service, she experienced a profound and inexplicable communion with a Higher Presence, which transformed her understanding of her role and music in worship. This encounter unveiled to her the essence of Advent – a harmonious waiting filled with grace, just like her choruses.

Day 9. Light Within.

Mary Pandiani reflects on the essence of the Advent season and Christmas, illustrating it through the joy of a newborn baby. She emphasizes that God’s presence and gift of light are within everyone, a view supported by William Shannon.

Day 8. Walking in Darkness.

Sandy Shipman recounts a challenging but beautiful hike in Arches National Park in the pitch dark, which serves as a metaphor for darker times in life. The author relates her experiences to Advent, emphasizing endurance through darkness and the hope represented by light.