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Advent Day 10

Light Comes on Purpose

By John Kiemele,
The Rolling Ridge Retreat Center
and the Selah community

Light streaks across galaxies, time and skies

Eyes blink, feet stop, hearts squint

Light squeezes through shadows in slivers and shards

Knots unravel, twists unwind, turns unbend

Light bursts through and holds her face

Pains pause, injustice sighs, tensions fade

Light cries joy and goodness and enduring peace

Gentleness clears her throat, forgiveness reaches, wisdom shimmers

Light from the stars draws light through all scars

Darkness shudders, dreams widen, love winks

Light comes on purpose

Light creates lift

Light renews life
breath by breath

beat by beat

hope upon hope

Editor’s Note: John Kiemele founded the Selah Center in 2006 and served as its Executive Director until 2018, when he moved with his wife, Marissa, to live in New Hampshire. John is the program director at the Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in North Andover, Massachusetts. Marissa continues to practice medicine. Selah Center is part of a growing international movement centered around contemplative living. DRB