The Stations of the Cross, Final

Contemplative Stations of the Cross
By Bill Snyder

Station 12
Jesus Dies on the Cross

Station 13
Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross
The earth has stopped trembling; the sky has stopped crying.  Alone at the cross is Mary, the apostle John and a few guards.  They continue quivering and weeping, shocked and saddened.  It seems surreal to see their God lifeless.  The guards remove the nails, and bring the body of Jesus to His distraught Mother.

Station 14
Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

Throughout the sorrow and pain of an unjust death, the friends of Jesus, our Savior, have a hope that is not yet fully understood but is present nonetheless.  For us today, it is sometimes hard to see hope because tears often impair our vision.  When all seems lost and failure surrounds us, we must have hope in our God, for nothing is impossible for Him.