The Stations of the Cross, Part 1

Contemplative Stations of the Cross
By Bill Snyder

Station 1
Jesus is Condemned to Death

The events of last night have culminated into a death sentence.  Jesus is left feeling abandoned.  Not a single friend has stood by His side and supported Him.  He stands in front of His accusers, as they scream and plead for His death.  As Jesus watches the bowl of water being brought to Pilate, He knows that He must walk this path.  It is this, His final test, that will be redemption of all who deserted Him, those whom He loves so much.
(Pause a moment or two)

Station 2
Jesus Bears His Cross

The Roman Guards bring the splinter-filled wooden deathbed, hardly fitting for a king, to Jesus daring Him to embrace it, pick it up and carry it as if it were a newborn baby.  The guards see His tortured and wounded body but have no compassion.  Jesus watches as the guards prepare the cross for His journey.  As He accepts the weight of the cross, He looks upon the executioners with heavenly mercy they neither perceive nor yet understand.
(Pause a moment or two)

Station 3
Jesus Falls the First Time

The pain from the scourging, humiliation, crowning with thorns and weight of the cross makes our Savior’s knees buckle and he collapses to the very gravel He created.  He is stunned and surprised by His full humanity as He falls and scrapes His knees.  He knows, however, His full divinity will redeem us from the times that we scourge, humiliate, crown with thrones and buckle under the weight of our own crosses.  He stands and continues along this brutal path.
(Pause a moment or two)

To be continued…