The Stations of the Cross, Part 2

Contemplative Stations of the Cross
By Bill Snyder

Station 4
Jesus Meets His Mother

Mary pushes through the crowd, risking her own safety, for just a brief tearful embrace of her Son.  She loves Him so deeply, and cannot bear to watch Him suffer this much.
Thoughts race through her head, there are so many things that she would like to tell her Son, but the words fail her.  Jesus knows that His mother has risked it all for Him beginning with His conception and she is not going to walk away now.
(Pause for a moment or two)

Station 5
Simon Helps Jesus

The soldiers see that Jesus is having trouble and that He needs help, so rather than helping Him themselves, they press Simon into service.  Simon, whether he acts willingly or not, has no choice in this situation – he must help Jesus or face his own condemnation.  Simon takes his Savior’s cross and becomes the hands, eyes, feet and momentum of Jesus.
(Pause for a moment or two)

Station 6
Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

Jesus is wounded and weary; His face shows it all.  The mixture of blood, sweat, spit and dirt masks Its glory.  A young woman however, sees past the criminal disguise that the authorities have made for Him, and races to once again reveal to everyone God’s splendor.  She gently wipes the face of Jesus and provides a brief respite from the torture, encouraging Him to continue.
(Pause for a moment or two)

To be continued…