The Stations of the Cross, Part 3

Contemplative Stations of the Cross
By Bill Snyder

Station 7
Jesus Falls a Second Time

Despite the compassion, care and encouragement provided by His mother and two strangers, Jesus’ body is failing Him again.  The blood seems to drip faster, the legs seem to move slower and the guards seem more hostile.  Then, in the blink of an eye, something trips Him; was it the unnecessary whip from the guard or the angry jeer from a spectator?  He does not know – but He is certain that the road feels harder than it did before.
(Pause a moment or two)

Station 8
Jesus Speaks to the Women

Jesus sees the women who love Him, care for Him and ultimately will believe His message of hope, love, justice and peace.  They have listened to His words and take them to heart.  Simply, they love Jesus, and will do anything for Him.  It is so hard for them to believe, so hard to accept that this is happening to Him.  Thoughts of confusion and doubt run through their heads.
(Pause for a moment or two)

Station 9
Jesus Falls a Third Time

Jesus barely has any strength left, His energy has disappeared and His heartbeat is fading.  The weight of the cross is now unbearable, the burden crushes Him, gravity moves faster than His hands.  He cannot break His fall; the crown of thorns stabs His skull as His head hits the pavement.  The King of All now prostrates before the world and those whom He created.
(Pause a moment or two)

To be continued…