The Stations of the Cross, Part 4

Contemplative Stations of the Cross
By Bill Snyder

Station 10
Jesus Stripped of His Garments

Jesus has barely made it to Golgotha alive.  His executioners take the cross off His shoulders, as they continue to mock the “King of the Jews.” They pay tribute to Him with their saliva, and by ripping His clothes, until He is further publicly humiliated by becoming physically naked.  Christ has been stripped of all dignity and abandoned by almost everyone.
(Pause for a moment or two)

Station 11
Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
Jesus is now ready to lay down His life.  He is prepared to be lifted on high as an example for all to see.  The executioners stretch out the Savior’s hands and with one huge smash of a mallet, pound large spikes through His splinter-filled hands.  They fix His feet to the cross and drive the nail through His frail feet.  Then the guards lift the Cross and place it upright on the mountain.  The agony and humiliation do not cease.
(Pause for a moment or two)

To be continued…