The Way of Selah, Part 2

“Pilgrimage invites us to notice what we are holding too tightly to,
so we might release ourselves into the current of life.”

Christine Valters Paintner

For travelers on a pilgrimage, it is necessary to know the appropriate and necessary equipment that protect and enhance the journey. Saying “yes” to what allows for freedom of movement; saying “no” to what is too heavy to carry. On the Camino, proper clothing and essentials reflect the intention of the journey. As for the Way of Selah, we too have decided the “yes” and “no” of who we are and how we want to move. Stated in the values, our intentions come in the form of verbs:

            • We affirm
            • We welcome
            • We relate
            • We honor
            • We encourage
            • We value
            • We recognize

These verbs seek to create, through the gift of the Holy Spirit, the sacred space that honors our intention of living a contemplative life. Verbs assume action, the movement within Selah that offers affirmation, hospitality, relationships, encouragement, significance, and awareness. All the while, the rhythm of the contemplative life sustains the actions as we wake up to God’s unending presence.
Our prayer for you is that you may notice the places of freedom in Christ Jesus as you live your everyday ordinary life throughout the summer. As we are learning in Selah, may the Spirit move in such a way that helps you release what is unnecessary in order to hold onto the intentions of your life.


At the end of the summer, the posts on the Way of Selah will culminate with a Selah Gathering of Companions and Friends on September 8th, 3-5 pm, Dumas Center, Federal Way. Throughout the spring and into the summer, we have been holding Gathering Hubs in various locations where there is an expression of Selah. From those conversations, we will have an opportunity to share in our Camino of Selah as well as our individual journeys that serve as an encouragement for one another. For as we say in Selah, above all else, if you are able to bring your desire to know God more deeply, and that is all at this time, then you share the journey. We hope that you are able to join us at the Gathering in September.

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