Thoughts on a Fall Morning

Sojourners sends a regular email with a “Verse and Voice” that usually speaks to my heart and soul as an encouragement and reminder of where God is at work in our world. Today, the quote was this: “Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.” Maya Angelou

In our world that is filled with the opposite of love on so many fronts, it’s easy to forget that love asks us to move towards one another, again and again and again. If God is love, then it is God who provides us with the love we need to love one another. As well, if God is love, then this love is not only an action and response to another, it is God who is present. We are not alone in this endeavor to love and be filled with love. God is with us.

Courage, by definition, is an act of the heart that doesn’t require bravery in its usual sense. But rather requires a willingness to live into wholeheartedness. To move towards wholeness requires risk. That’s where courage and love come together – risking that loving another, especially the one(s) who frustrate, anger, lash out at us, is part of the journey of loving again, and again and again.

May you find God who is love providing you with courage to love again.

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