Unfolding in Presence

I don’t know about you but I was a little startled the other day realizing that Thanksgiving dawns in a mere week.  This morning I stared out the kitchen window at the falling rain and noted that I keep waiting for that shimmery “we’re entering the holiday season!” feeling.  I generally love this season….the juxtaposition of Life in both the dark and the light suits me very well….but this year that love will extend from a different space inside me.  I’m entering this season in an unusual way for me.  Not so shimmery.  Yet, awakened.  I felt peaceful, grounded on the path toward Thanksgiving in that watching-the-rain-fall moment.  Accepting what is present in this time instead of waiting for how it’s been before is allowing me to wonder how I might experience the coming weeks in ways I haven’t before.  And as Advent approaches, I cannot help but hold the question — as Life unfolded into the world, how might Life be unfolding me?

I wonder where you are with this season?


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