The Word was God

And EVERYTHING was created

Through Him.

He chose to become embodied, as fertilized egg, embryo, and baby,

To limit Himself

And know what it means to be human,

Human like you and me.

Bodies precious as He formed male and female and declared them very good.

A body, a person He was born in this world:

Jesus, Emmanuel!

Growing, playing, skinning knees, teasing siblings, celebrating Shabbat…

Parents, who loved God and His Word,

Imparting it to their eldest son and each child added to the family,

As important to them as every breath,

God’s scripture written on their hearts!

Apprenticeship with wood, skilled carpenter, provider to his family when Joseph died.

He knew the joys and sorrows of our everyday lives.

At the right time,

He was called to His ministry

To choose disciples, to teach and show us His Father, to touch bodies, and heal.

This man, who walked many miles, knew hunger and thirst,

Joy, sorrow, frustration, every emotion, just like you and me.

Beaten, humiliated, dying on a cross,

Dead and buried, and raised again through God’s power of resurrection.

Through the Holy Spirit, He lives in us.

Our bodies’ holy temples where He delights to dwell!

Every inch of us sacred, uniquely expressing aspects of God’s character.

We are His precious embodied people.

By Kathleen Heppell
Selah Community