Facing the Corona Malaise – Cross the Threshold

Ponderings from Mary Pandiani,
Selah Executive Director

“Every day, those caretakers and I cross the threshold,”
says my friend who works at a nursing home,
“going back into the building to provide
what we can to those in need for the day.”

I am struck by her profound gift of intentionally moving back
into a life-threatening environment every time she goes to work.
It’s not unlike what our military does while at war, our police and firefighters perform every day on the job, and our health-care providers give. While I always appreciate the dedication and service, I ponder with new wonderment the intentionality of crossing from one space to another, knowing the risk involved. Such purpose and character by taking a step from one world to another.

I realize, to a lesser degree while carrying the weight of intentionality, we all cross the threshold – it’s called waking up to life each morning, choosing to go forward in whatever form we can. Because a new day is outside out of control, the choice to go forward could seem to be forced. But it is a choice. We have a world behind us in yesterday, and now face a new world in today. While we can’t go backwards, we can stay at the threshold by deciding to not enter, usually reflected through hiding in the fear of what the day holds. The paralysis of our stance robs us of the present day as well as the freedom that comes in risking what a new day will bring.

That’s what I heard in my friend’s voice when she offered those words. When they cross the threshold, the choice of moving forward offers freedom of living as God intended, fully embracing what each day gives, in the risk, the unknown, and the beautiful.

For such a time as this in the crisis, we are being asked to cross the threshold into a life that will never look the same as it has in the past. How do you want to enter into each day? What is the invitation by God for you to walk into the day with intentionality? I know for me, I want to wake each day with the thought, “Here we go again, God, I want to cross the threshold with you.”

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