Messy, Messy, Lovely.

Sherry Roscoe shares a deeply personal poem today that invites all of us to consider the “Messy, Messy, Lovely” in our lives.

Everything I know about writing…

“Everything I know about writing, I learned from my Grandmother,” writes Julie Lary. Read more of Julie’s essay. And, by the way, she attends The Mindful Writing Workshop.

A Prayer for Labor Day.

In honor of Labor Day, we share a prayer Steve Garnaas-Holmes wrote.

Summer Sabbath.

Mary Pandiani writes: “Sabbath is taking time … time to be holy … time to be human.”


Today Kathleen Heppell shares a haiku.

Being Human.

Sherry Roscoe shares a contemplative poem on humanity, Being Human.


Chris Ball shares a contemplative poem on mothering.

A Prayer of Examen for Our National Holiday.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes shares “A Prayer of Examen for Our National Holiday.”

For the Interim Time

A photo taken by Beth Griffith brought a poem by John O’Donohue to mind.


In honor the Juneteenth holiday, read a little about an escaped slave turned abolitionist and Women’s Rights Activist Sojourner Truth.

A Bruised Reed.

Today Chris Ball graces us with another of his poems, this one about “a bruised reed.”

Living Poem.

Sherry Roscoe shares a contemplative poem.