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The content is a poetic reflection on the themes of eternity, love, and hope, emphasizing the transformative power of these concepts. It calls for embracing life’s journey like colorful leaves in the wind, symbolizing love and hope that sustain and enrich existence. The writer, Christopher Ball, wishes for grace and peace amid life’s challenges.

The Passion of the Hyphen

The post reflects on the themes of remembering and re-membering, encouraging a deeper connection and integration with ourselves, others, and a higher power. The author navigates through emotions, relationships, and personal history, ultimately emphasizing the significance of love and unity. The Lenten rhythm further underscores the message of interconnectedness and belonging.

Generous Listening

Sing Me Something New.

Karen Nelson requests a song that is new, yet genuine; an honest and clear tune she can hum after its singer leaves.

Haiku from the Heart.

Artist Wendy Bryant discusses her shift from professional artistry to spiritual creativity in retirement. She views entering her “heart studio” as a divine connection and symbol of trusting God.

Baptism of Jesus

In Mark 1:9, Jesus is baptized by John in the Jordan River, symbolizing unity with humanity. Baptism symbolizes grace, transformation, and renewal, representing God’s presence and claiming of individuals. It’s a continuous process and an invitation to let the Holy Spirit guide our lives. The baptismal blessing assures us of God’s unwavering love and claim on us.

Day 19. Waiting Pangs.

John Kiemele reflects on his experience of waiting for God, expressing trust in God’s loving guidance and highlighting how past preparations shape current anticipations. He also welcomes God’s presence in his wait.

Day 14. Peace.

Sherry Marsden’s poem contemplates finding peace through patience, strength, grace, and self-confidence.

Day 7. Held.

On December 12, 2023, Debbie Waite led ‘The Mindful Writing Workshop’ where participants engaged in reflective reading and writing exercises inspired by Psalm 27, Isaiah 4:2-6, and Acts 11:1-18.

Day 5. Haiku.

The Selah Center recently held a Poustinia, a Russian tradition of silent retreat for prayer and solitude, to prepare participants for Advent. This practice seeks to remove distractions and foster clearer communication with God. Wendy Bryant, one of the participants, shared her contemplative experience through a heartfelt prayer during the retreat. The center also followed the Revised Common Lectionary for daily scripture readings during Advent.

Day 4. Arrival.

Christopher Ball reflects on anticipation, endurance, and faith for Advent Day 3.

No Big Secret.

Contemplative writer, Karen Nelson shares a big secret with her readers in “No Big Secret.” Shh…it’s a secret.