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The content is a poetic reflection on the themes of eternity, love, and hope, emphasizing the transformative power of these concepts. It calls for embracing life’s journey like colorful leaves in the wind, symbolizing love and hope that sustain and enrich existence. The writer, Christopher Ball, wishes for grace and peace amid life’s challenges.

The Passion of the Hyphen

The post reflects on the themes of remembering and re-membering, encouraging a deeper connection and integration with ourselves, others, and a higher power. The author navigates through emotions, relationships, and personal history, ultimately emphasizing the significance of love and unity. The Lenten rhythm further underscores the message of interconnectedness and belonging.

Sing Me Something New.

Karen Nelson requests a song that is new, yet genuine; an honest and clear tune she can hum after its singer leaves.

Haiku from the Heart.

Artist Wendy Bryant discusses her shift from professional artistry to spiritual creativity in retirement. She views entering her “heart studio” as a divine connection and symbol of trusting God.


Pastor Steve Garnaas-Holmes offers this prayer of gratitude for this Thanksgiving.


Chris Ball shares an emotion-filled poem.

Ten Pounds.

Sandy Shipman shares her frustration and her triumph as she returns to the fitness center after a bout with Chron’s Disease.

Being With a Plant.

Kathleen Heppell shares a poem with contemplations on “Being with a Plant.”


Wendy Bryant shares haiku inspired while on vacation earlier this summer in the Arizona desert south of Phoenix.

On Mindfulness.

Chris Ball shares a quote from a Buddhist Scholar on mindfulness.

Good Geese Friends.

Sandy Shipman shares a memoir about her good geese friends.

Messy, Messy, Lovely.

Sherry Roscoe shares a deeply personal poem today that invites all of us to consider the “Messy, Messy, Lovely” in our lives.