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Day 19. Waiting Pangs.

John Kiemele reflects on his experience of waiting for God, expressing trust in God’s loving guidance and highlighting how past preparations shape current anticipations. He also welcomes God’s presence in his wait.

Advent Day 19

Candle Light

By Lisa Veitenhans,
Selah Companion

The afternoon sun fades shadows to shadows

No electricity to brighten the late day.

Collect the candles.

Strike the matches. 

How feeble they look in the deepening gloom!

Moment by moment the shadows reach their depth and disappear

Branches against the sky no longer seen.

Back toward the house, 

My candles!

Alive in the darkness.

With welcoming warmth, 

Long leaps of light dance against the walls.

What could not be seen in half-light

Came alive in the night.

After the gloomy shadows,

In the pure darkness—

Light! Leaping about laughing.

Photo by Paolo Nicolello on Unsplash